About Us

My name is Conner Baldacci, and I am a 20 year old artist originally from Gillette, WY. I started making license plate art 6 years ago as a  summer project for the local fair. I had never entered anything in a county fair before but to my surprise, my project won best in show!  Many people liked the piece and wanted to know how they could get one of their own.
I secured licensing to use the bucking horse and rider from the University of Wyoming and then developed several different sizes and started marketing it. I have created pieces utilizing many different styles of vintage Wyoming plates and have also expanded into using used wine corks and various other mediums piece. I have used custom personalized plates for customers that want their plates, as well as customized by county.

We have gone through many versions to ensure a high quality product based on our loyal customer feedback.  We continually strive for increased productivity and optimization in the production process.

We now have manufacturing sites in two locations; Sheridan and Laramie.  We would love to talk with you about your custom product and how we could meet your unique needs.

(307) 277-3414 mike@connerscustomcreations.com