Custom Artwork

Not only do we make Bucking Horses, we also do custom pieces as well. We can do almost any symbol, logo, or letter out of license plates or wine corks. Below is a gallery of our custom artwork as well as a ballpark price if you were to commission your own! Contact us if you would like to talk about custom piece!


Another symbol of the state is the Bison. We offer both the outline and the skull designs. They are both $65 plus sales tax and shipping.


Prices start at $200 for a 24″ diameter clock


Letters start at $40 each. They measure approximately 18 inches tall. If you don’t see the letter you want here, just ask! We can do all 26 letters as well as numbers and symbols.


Occasionally we get a request for a custom state shape. Each piece is priced based on the size and requested plates. Contact us for more info!

Other MISC projects

Occasionally we get some cool project requests, here’s just a few!


We recognize that Wyoming license plates are a finite resource. It is for this reason that we are transferring some of our time and resources into the custom guitar market! For more information on this, please visit our other website at

(307) 277-3414