Standard Artwork

Our standard Bucking Horses come in different 4 sizes:

Our small size is approximately 18″tall x 14″ wide,

The medium size is approx. 34″tall x 30″ wide,

The “44” size is 44″tall x 38″ wide

and our large size stands 6.5feet tall x 6feet wide

If you have your own plates we can use them in a creation that is unique to you! We give a discount of $2 per plate you send and if you don’t have enough plates for the size you want, we can always match the plate series with some of our own while maintaining the visibility of your plates!

Small Standard Bucking Horses:

This is by far our most popular size. This size is $85 plus sales tax and shipping for the license plate bucking horses and $65 for the wine cork bucking horses. We’ve tried to keep a photo record of all the different plate series we’ve used, each one is subject to availability.

Not from Wyoming? Thats fine! We can make all our products with license plates from other states as well!


Medium Standard Bucking Horses:

Our Medium size is slightly larger than our small. It is slightly more detailed than the small size and features a full, “untouched” plate as the center. This size is $125 plus sales tax and shipping.


“44” Standard Bucking Horses

Our “44” size is named simply because it’s 44 inches tall!There was a large gap between our 34 inch tall medium size and the 6.5 feet tall large size. This size looks great inside our outside. It costs $225 plus sales tax and shipping


Large Bucking Horse

Our large Bucking Horses are for the most die hard of Wyoming fans. Standing 6.5 feet tall, it’s sure to liven up any room. Prices for this beast start at $550 but can vary depending on the plates you choose.

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